Esoteric Foundations of Physics

Despite its many successes, modern physics is confronting a series of enduring problems which have defied all attempts at resolution. For instance:

Quantum Foundations. While the mathematical framework of Quantum Mechanics has passed every experimental test for more than eight decades, there exists no consistent physical or philosophical picture elucidating why it works or what it means.

Unification of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. While Relativity theory incorporates time as a dynamic variable tightly interwoven with the three spatial dimensions, time enters Quantum Mechanics as an external parameter. Moreover, Special Relativity is incompatible with the observed phenomenon of quantum nonlocality.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy. While astronomical observations suggest the existence of these elusive realities, their actual nature remains a mystery.

Energy of the Vacuum. Calculations based on quantum field theory and the Standard Model suggest that space has a "density" more than 100 orders of magnitude greater than that actually observed. This huge discrepancy remains unresolved.

Extra Dimensions. Since Theodor Kaluza showed in 1919 that gravity and electromagnetism can be formally united in four spatial dimensions, an idea later extended by Kaluza-Klein theory and String theory, extra dimensions have played an important role in theoretical physics. Yet, if extra dimensions do in fact exist, physicists have yet to find a fully consistent explanation of why our universe appears in every way to have just three spatial dimensions.

Facing such intractable problems, progress in fundamental physics has ground to a crawl. The respected theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, writing in his book The Trouble With Physics (2006), laments that there hasn't been a major breakthrough in theoretical physics for more than thirty years, and, beyond incremental advancements such as the observation of the Higgs particle, that has not changed to this day.

Enter Esoterics
Esoteric philosophy is often considered irrational nonsense with no empirical basis - for good reason, since most of what is called "esoteric" is not the genuine esoteric science at all. Having investigated this subtle science for many years, however, I have come to know it as profoundly logical and not incompatible with the facts of physics. In these papers I demonstrate that the esoteric model shines a powerful light of understanding upon the big problems of contemporary physics, providing vital clues to their resolution. While written for any intelligent reader, those with some physics background will gain the most. Please leave your assumptions behind, follow the logic, and make up your own mind.

Download Papers

The Logic of Imaginary Time and Space (pdf, 29p, 658k). 1 January 2018. Archived on viXra.

I decided it was time to spell out the framework in minimalist terms from both physical and esoteric perspectives: Part 1 assumes some familiarity with the Foundations of Physics, while the esoteric content in Part 2 should be generally accessible. This is a logical system converging from two directions, with profound consequences for both physics and esoterics.

Quantum Spacetime and Consciousness (pdf, 40p, 405k). 26 Dec 2013. Archived on viXra.

The first ever explicit convergence of physics and consciousness? Invited by the Journal of NeuroQuantology, this paper breaks new theoretical ground while confronting us with provocative philosophical consequences. A must read for anyone interested in the foundations of physics and/or consciousness.

Imaginary Physics (pdf, 70p, 550k). Version 2: May 24, 2013. Archived on viXra.

This paper goes back to the very fundamentals, the ontology of imaginary and complex numbers, and starts from there. The argument derives the esoteric model on the basis of physical and mathematical principles alone, while illuminating a variety of scientific mysteries along the way. It corrects and advances the scientific content in my earlier papers without resort to esoteric content. While a full understanding of this material becomes possible only when philosophical aspects are brought to bear, the physical/mathematical argument supports itself as presented here.

My earlier two papers (below) approach the framework from both scientific and esoteric perspectives as I search out my way into the light of understanding.

Framework for Unification of Physics (pdf, 29p, 400k). Version 2: Oct 15, 2010.

Attributive Quantum Fields (pdf, 23p, 233k). Version 4: May 26, 2011.

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